Dr. Kim is a kids dentist in New York who practices on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We strive to make your child’s first (and all subsequent!) dental visits stress-free and enjoyable, so please take a tour of our office before your child’s visit! Our waiting area is specifically designed to be child-friendly, comfortable, and fun for the entire family. We provide our patients with the most up to date equipment, including the latest sterilization techniques, digital x-rays, and even a dental laser (which may be used for injection-free fillings). Prevention is our biggest priority! We regularly spend time educating and showing each of our patients how to preserve or improve their oral health. Our goal is to provide you and your child with the best resources and habits to maintain a healthy smile for an entire lifetime!

Pediatric dentists are specialists with two or three years of extra training after dental school. We can provide the latest and most thorough treatment for a wide variety of children’s dental problems, including nursing bottle decay, tooth decay, traumatic injuries, and growth and developmental problems. We are also trained to treat patients who may have emotional, physical, or mental disabilities.

We believe that each child is unique and are trained to treat them accordingly. We provide gentle behavior management techniques to ease nervous patients. For children with higher levels of fear and anxiety, we provide sedation options.