When Will My Baby Get Their First Teeth?

It’s a moment awaited with bated breath, containing equal moments dread and excitement for our growing child, the first tooth. The child’s first tooth marks an important transition in our lives, moving from soft foods and formula to the consumption of solid food. For breastfeeding mothers, it contains equally complex emotions, a pending freedom coming […]

Why are Baby Teeth Important / Thumb-Sucking and Pacifier Use

We all had them as children, babies really, our pacifiers and Nuks. For some of us they were a remnant of our infancy that gave us comfort, and for others they transitioned into thumb-sucking as small children. While this seems like a natural progression for a child to go through, thumb-sucking can have long lasting […]

baby smiling

Baby’s First Dental Visit

New parents experience so many new things it can all be overwhelming. One of the most common questions we hear from parents is regarding visiting the dentist. After all, if a child doesn’t have teeth, why should they see a dentist. While this makes sense at first, you’ll find that dental care is about more […]