kid sucking thumb

How to Stop Thumbsucking

Thumb sucking is a common habit formed by children to self soothe. While cute at first, this habit can be detrimental to a child’s oral health, jaw development, and speech development if it occurs for a prolonged period of time. While old methods included pouring hot sauce on children’s thumbs or binding them to prevent […]

dentist viewing digital xray on ipad

How safe are digital radiographs?

At Kidz Smile Center our goal is to continually improve the patient experience for everyone we serve. We do this by providing a comfortable environment, paying attention to all of our patients’ needs, and paying attention to patient safety. One of the ways we work to create a safe environment for patient safety is by […]

smiling child sitting in a blue chair dental

What’s the Big Deal About Fluoride and Sealants?

Protecting your child’s teeth from decay is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they’re given a strong foundation for good oral health. While many don’t think about it, a child’s baby teeth play a crucial role in how your child’s mouth forms as they grow and develop. Baby teeth also […]