The Mouth is Connected to the Rest of the Body: Oral Health and its Indications for General Health

Is oral health connected to the whole body? The connection between the health of the mouth and the rest of the body is being actively explored today. Dr. Kim, a.k.a. Dr. Kim, at Kidz Smile Center loves to share her knowledge to help maintain balance in oral and general health. It is clear that the […]

Pediatric Dentists vs. General Dentists… Children Are Not Little Adults

Children vs. Adults It is pretty clear to anyone that has or works with children that they are not miniature versions of adults. The way they see new experiences, the way they react to stress, and their ability to reason are unique to children. Yes, it’s true some adults face challenges when visiting the dentist. […]

Why Are Composite Fillings Best for Children?

Silver amalgam fillings are out. Today’s pediatric dentists more often opt for the natural look of composite fillings when treating tiny patients. What Are Amalgam Fillings? Made of half mercury and the rest copper, silver, and tin, amalgam fillings are usually called “silver fillings.” Often used in back molars because of its durability and strength, […]