Dental Sealants

At Kidz Smile Center in New York City, Dr. Kimberli Leal and her team are dedicated to keeping your children smiling. As a busy parent it can be all too easy to forget to keep up with routine visits to your child’s pediatric dentist. However, those early years are amongst the most important in terms of ensuring a lifetime of good dental health. Dental sealants are just one of the options offered as a means of protecting your children’s teeth against tooth decay.

The Need for Dental Sealants

Offering protection for your children’s baby teeth can help to avoid the need to deal with cavities, infections, and the potential for damage to adult teeth that may not have yet erupted. Fluoride treatments are just one option that Dr. Leal may recommend for your little one’s tiny teeth.
Dental sealants are another effective method of preventing tooth decay in children. Combined with balanced treatments of fluoride, your children’s teeth will have strong protection against decay.
Covered in many uneven grooves and bumps (known as pits and fissures), your children’s teeth are very susceptive to developing cavities. Coupled with the difficulty many parents face trying to get their kids to brush their teeth after every meal, and there is a veritable minefield inside the mouths of children.
Food debris and buildups of bacteria in the mouth can become wedged between the pits and fissures, and start the process of decay. Some children may have pits and fissures that are deeper and more problematic than other children have. This could lead to accelerated tooth decay in some.
With the application of dental sealants on teeth that Dr. Kimberli Leal, DDS identifies as potentially problematic, tooth decay can be prevented.

What to Expect, the Procedure

Going to the dentist can be a confusing and unsettling experience for children. Dr. Leal and her team of dental professionals will ensure your children are comfortable throughout all dental procedures.
The procedure is generally performed on baby teeth not long after they have erupted. They will be repeated at routine visits and intervals over the next several years of pediatric dental visits.
The procedure itself will be fast, and pain-free. The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly, and dried. A solution that will help the dental sealant bond to the surface of the teeth will be applied. The dental sealant will then be applied. Essentially painted on, the thin layer of sealant will blend in with the natural color of your child’s teeth. A curing light may be used to set the sealant after it has been applied.
Dental sealants are not designed to replace good oral hygiene and routine visits with your child’s pediatric dentist, Dr. Kimberli Leal. Be sure to keep up with routinely scheduled appointments so that the staff at Kidz Smile Center can help to keep your child smiling.