Children’s Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral health problems in children. We have specific training that qualifies us to provide care for children’s teeth and gums as they develop throughout childhood. Pediatric dentists provide comprehensive care, from preventative treatment like cleanings and sealants to treatment for oral disease and injuries. We also counsel parents about a child’s nutrition and hygiene habits.

How to Brush Your Teeth

How to Brush Your Teeth

Did you know…

that early childhood caries is the most common chronic disease in American children? It is far more prevalent than other common childhood illnesses, such as asthma. Furthermore, tooth decay and gum disease that begin early in life is likely to progress over time, potentially leading to a lifetime of oral complications.


Frequently Asked Questions

What ages of children do pediatric dentists treat?

A pediatric dentist will treat patients from birth through adolescence. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that young patients begin visiting a pediatric dentist no later than the first birthday, when most children already have a first tooth. Children should continue to visit the dentist regularly throughout childhood to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

What type of training does a pediatric dentist have?

Pediatric dentists have two to three additional years of training specifically in the treatment of babies, children, teens and kids with special needs. We are the pediatricians of dentistry and are trained to understand not only the dental needs of a child, but also the psychological and emotional needs as well.

How can I make a pediatric dental appointment?

Our staff is happy to assist you through the process of making a first appointment for your child. Simply call our office to speak with one of our helpful staff members or make an appointment through the ZocDoc link on our website and schedule your child’s visit. We aim to make your child’s experience as comfortable as possible.