How safe are digital radiographs?

At Kidz Smile Center our goal is to continually improve the patient experience for everyone we serve. We do this by providing a comfortable environment, paying attention to all of our patients’ needs, and paying attention to patient safety. One of the ways we work to create a safe environment for patient safety is by using digital radiographs (x-rays).

What are digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays are one of the best innovations made in the dental field. They expose patients to up to 90% LESS radiation than traditional film x-rays. These x-rays rely on a digital sensor at the end of a bitewing. The sensor is connected to a computer that then instantly processes and displays the image on a screen for the dentist to view.

What are the benefits of digital x-rays?

Less Radiation

Digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. And while traditional x-rays are safe to use, digital radiography is a great option for those who are concerned about radiation or those who need x-rays more regularly.

Less Time

Digital x-rays greatly reduce the amount of time spent at dental appointments. This is because with traditional x-rays you have to wait for the film to be developed. Digital x-rays instantly project your x-ray onto a computer screen so that your dentist can view and diagnose chairside. Additionally, this allows them to display the images to you and explain any findings.

Record Transfer is a Breeze

Because digital radiographs are stored on computers, transferring them to other practices or specialists is much easier. It eliminates the time and expense of having to mail x-rays. Digital x-rays are also environmentally friendly because they are stored on a computer, don’t require film development, and do not need a dark room or chemicals to be developed.

Ease of Use

Digital radiographs are not only super easy to use, they’ve revolutionized the way dentists diagnose patients. This technology allows the dentist to view radiographs side by side and compare previous radiographs to determine what, if any, changes have occurred. This plays a large part when diagnosing any developmental issues with a person’s mouth.

Regardless of the type of x-rays you have done. it’s important to have regular sets taken of your mouth. They play an important role in helping the dentist diagnose underlying issues and see what might be causing problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

If you’re concerned about x-ray exposure, talk to the dentist about digital x-rays. We’re sure that you’ll be comfortable with the safety of these x-rays and the results you get. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about treatment options available to you. We have extensive experience treating a variety of pediatric issues and are committed to making our patients feel comfortable and at ease. We want every patient’s experience with the dentist to be a positive one so that they have a healthy relationship with the dentist for years to come and enjoy the benefits of great oral health.